Easy Cash - Point of Sale

EasyCash is constantly improving

New EasyCash Outfit

The EasyCash user interface has a new look and feel. EasyCash is fully supporting touch screen devices. It is ready to run on any tablet PC.
It is ready for Windows 8 and 'Surface' the new Microsoft tablet.

EasyCash is on the Clouds

1. EasyCash is now supporting Cloud Computing
For just $49 you can now backup all your EasyCash data to your personal cloud via internet for one whole year. Even if you lose all your local backups, you still have one backup in the cloud. Clouds have the build in ability to never lose data and they are far away from your locations.

2. More colours for your Salon Schedule
Three new colours are available to highlight your appointments. Use the N-key to scroll through the colours, structure your schedule and get a better overview.

3. Administrator password can be changed now within EasyCash
If you request a temporary password, you can now change the administrator password yourself.

4. Quantity change in order list
On the first sales screen, where you can delete orders, you can now press the Q-key to change the quantity of a product or service.

If you want to take advantage of one of the new features, please contact our EasyCash team.

16/11/10 Shailer Park

1. Appointments can now be moved with the mouse with drag and drop. This is even working for future days. Just left click the appointment keep the mouse button down and move the mouse to the right edge of the schedule. Easycash goes automatically into the next day. If the target date is reached, just move the mouse back into the schedule and move to appropriatew time slot. Then just release the mouse button.
2. Customers who send out bulk SMS for marketing reasons, have a completely new menu option: "SMS Services", "Send SMS to all customers..." EasyCash divides the whole customer database into section. These sections are sent one by one. If the Internet connection fails at any one section, EasyCash stops sending and resumes sending at a later stage automatically.
3. Auto delete old products. Products which were not sold for a certain amount of months can now be deleted automatically. Just ask our service team for a configuration file with the amount of months, if you want this feature.
4. Another new optional feature is the 10 times faster end of the day backup. Ask our service team for an update.

26/11/09 Shailer Park - SMS ‘Thank You’ message for referrals: Our latest SMS smart marketing service now offers an automatic ‘Thank You’ message to customers that referred a client to you. The message is totally controlled by you, so you can just send a ‘Thank You’ or offer them a small gift to be picked up next time they are in the salon.


Club members: Loyalty point accumulation can now be restricted to customers that are club members. You can also now tick a box to restrict marketing SMS’s being sent to selected customers. They will still receive appointment reminder SMS’s but not marketing SMS’s.


New Menu Screen: A new menu screen has been added that highlights your salon logo much more.


Barcode for vouchers: Gift vouchers that come with a barcode can be scanned in at sales time. At redemption time you just scan the barcode again and EasyCash does the rest. Even if your voucher just has a number, the number can now be used as a voucher identifier.


Search client history: You can now search through a client’s history file for particular information with our new search feature. Go to Databases/Customer’s History/Complete and select a customer and you will see a ‘Search’ button on the right hand side. Just type in any term like operator name or product and EasyCash will show you all the appearances in the history.


Web page access: From EasyCash ‘Options’ menu you can now take a look at the ‘Product News’ area on our web page. Also you can write your feed back for EasyCash improvements directly into the menu point ‘Option’ ‘Customer Feedback’.


Little things: Many, many little things were changed and fixed. Thanks to all the customers that gave us these useful hints.


12/8/09 Shailer Park - EasyCash offers a new backup service. From now on EasyCash customers with internet access are able to backup their EasyCash system onto an external server. It is a nightmare to loose all your data like customer addresses customer history and appointments. Therefore it is mandatory to make a daily backup. The USB drive is a good solution already. You can take it home and your data is safe, even if the computer was stolen. Now users don’t need to worry anymore about handling the USB drive, because with one mouse click the data will be backed up on our server every day. For more information contact the EasyCash sales team 02 6559 2766.

Product NEWS: SMS Marketing Services

25/3/09 Shailer Park - Salon EasyCash is pleased to announce the release of Smart Marketing Service its latest "set and forget" SMS marketing service.

With the installation of this service, Easycash will, every day, look in your database for three types of clients.

1. Clients with birthdays on the day

2. New clients who were in the salon yesterday

3. Clients whose last visit was 12 weeks ago

It will then automatically send each of these customers an SMS, the content of which you set and forget. It will send them at the same time as your appointment reminders.

Additionally if your client gives you their partner’s name and mobile number it will send an SMS 10 days before the clients birthday to remind the partner and of course encourage them to purchase a gift from the salon.


As if that's not enough, if the client wants to tell you any important anniversary date an SMS will be sent to their partner 10 days out from that date as well!!!

If you are closed for a day or two, then it will go back over the one or two days you were closed and send the appropriate SMS messages next time you open the programme.

In the message you can insert a field from their database such as [First Name] thus allowing you to personalise each individual message.

It also puts a line in each recipients history file to confirm the sending of the message.

The Advantages

- when you have typed in the messages once you never need to do anything again, EasyCash will take care of your marketing for you forever

- opening rate of SMS messages is 90 – 95%, three times higher than that of emails and posted items

- the cost is just 18cents per SMS

- the setup cost is $150 once off.

- you can view (and print) a list of the recipients on a day-to-day basis if you wish.

The clients without mobile numbers are also listed for your information

This is marketing at its simplest. Never again worry about missing contact with a client as long as you have their mobile phone number.

Call Brian on 02 6559 2766 to get started.